Zanthoxylum beecheyanum K.Koch
Chinese Pepper;Sichuan Pepper
Description: A small decidious shrub growing to about a 1 meter, native to the Himalayan and mountainous regions of China, Korea, Manchuria and Japan, with brownish prickly bark and paired spines, flowers small and yellow-green with male and female on separate trees. Zanthoxylum or Xanthoxylum comes from the Greek word meaning yellow wood.
Styles: Formal upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Semi-cascade, Broom
Location: Indoor;Outdoor
Position: Sun to Semi Shade. Indoor grow in warm well light area. Ensure there is a humidity tray.
Watering: Water well but do not over water. It can grow in semi-shade or no shade. It requires moist soil.
Feeding: Once every 15 days during the growing season and summer season.
Leaf and Branch Pruning: Cut back branches during the growing season. Let the barances develop 5 to 7 leaf pairs and then cut back to 2 pairs. Once new shoots start growing pinch of redundant pair to shape tree in required direction.
Re-potting & Growing Medium: Every two years early to late spring. Ideally use 2 parts Akadama and 1 part pumice if not available use a loam rich soil. 40% Loam, 40% sharp sand and 20% peat free compost.
Wiring: During summer. Branches are hard so bend gently may need a heavy grade wire. Don not keep on too long.

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