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Forsythia viridissima Lindley
Forsythia;Golden Bells;Zhong Hua
Description: An early flowering shrub, growing to 3 meters, a cross-chambered pith and native to Eastern China. Widely grown it is now available most anywhere, its flush of gloden-yellow flowers helps make a colour full small to medium Bonsai.
Styles: Informal Upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-cascade, Clump
Location: Outdoor
Position: Prefers full sun, can tolerate partial shade. Must be in full sun to get a good flush of flowers. The flowers are frost resistant.
Watering: Water well, likes a moist soil but let the surface of the growing medium dry out in between watering.
Feeding: Feed bimonthly during the growing season. If using a slow release organic fertiliser feed every two months during the growing season.
Leaf and Branch Pruning: Carried out once stems have extended to bear 6-7 leaves, cut back to leave last two leaf nodes. Structural pruning if required should best be done late autumn.
Re-potting & Growing Medium: Repot older plants every 2-3 years, in spring, for younger plants every year. Use a well drained organic mix soil. Formula A - 1 Part Akadama, 1 Part Pumice, 1 Part Bark or Leaf Mulch. Formula B - 1 Part Damolin Clay, 1 Part Bark or Leaf Mulch.
Wiring: Shaping is normally done pruning, but can be undertaken all thru the year. But best done in late autumn when spa has been withdrawn into the roots.
Photo credits:
1). Mark D'Cruz; http://makebonsai.com/guide/

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