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Musa acuminata 'Dwarf' Colla
Dwarf Banana
Description: Musa acuminata, is a species of wild banana native to Southeast Asia. It is one of the progenitors of modern edible bananas along with Musa balbisiana. The Dwarf Varieties grown between 1.5'-6' and are ideal for Bonsai. It has a tight leafy stem, thick leaves which are tolerant of low light and are able to take quite low temperatures, which is what make it and ideal Indoor Bonsai.
Styles: Clump
Location: Indoor
Position: Place in well lit location, and exclude from draft as the leafs can wilt quite fast.
Watering: The Musa requires copious amounts of water so water well, do not let the plant dry out, as it is unlikely to survive.
Feeding: Feed bimonthly during the growing season between April and October. Use a balance feed. High nitrogen feed can cause the leafs to become quite big. Use a Miric acid or other acidifier to regulate Ph levels to between 5.5 and 6.5.
Leaf and Branch Pruning: Not required. Remove dried leaves, but only after they have dried out quite thoroughly, as removing them prematurely tends to expose and in turn dry out the leafy trunk.
Re-potting & Growing Medium: Prune every 2-3 years for a young plant. Use a well drained soil rich in humus. 1 Part Akadama and 1 part leaf mulch. Best repot in April/May when temperatures are well established. Prune roots only marginally.
Wiring: Not required.
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1). Mark D'Cruz, http://www.makebonsai.com

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