Habitat & Distribution of:
Cotoneaster simonsii
Himalayan Cotoneaster, Simons Cotoneaster


Hort. ex Baker


Origin and Habitat

Species Type:


Origins & Spread:

Himalayas, Assam

Maximum Height:

Extra small - under 10 feet

Species Growth Rate:

Moderate to Fast - 24 to 36 inches per year

Longevity :

Moderately Short - 40 to 60 years

Plant Shape:


Habitat pictures:

Foliage Identification of:
Cotoneaster simonsii
Himalayan Cotoneaster, Simons Cotoneaster

Foliage Duration:

Evergreen, Partially Deciduous

Foliage Period:

All year

Foliage Type:


Foliage Size:


Foliage Shape:

having an elongated form with approximate parallel sides.;resembling and egg in outline (see also obovate).

Foliage Arrangement:

Alternate Positioned singly at different heights on the stem; one leaf occurring at each node.

Foliage Color:

Dark Green

Fall Colour:

Dark Green


Leaves typically 2 cm long, broadest near the middle, sometimes rather rhomboid, over 15 mm long. Shrub, growth form is like a small tree, not a low or rock-hugging plant like other Cotoneasters. Leaves have a silky feel with appressed hairs above and below.

Foliage Images:

Flower identification details

Flower Color:

White;Light Pink

Flower Shape:

Flower Showiness:

Flowering Bonsai;Showy

Flowering Period:


Flower notes:

White to LightPink flowers in groups of 2-4 in Spring.

Flower Images

Fruit Identification Information

Fruiting Period:


Fruit Size:

Small - 0.5 to 1.50cm

Fruiting Habit:


Fruit Type:


Fruit Color:


Fruits Ripens:

Fruit notes:

Fruits in groups of 2-4, less than a cm long and .75cm wide Pome held on to the branch nodes buy 3-4cm long stems.

Fruit images:

Stem Identification Information:

Bark Colour:

Dark Brown;Light Green

Bark Texture:


Bark notes:

Stem Images: