Habitat & Distribution of:
Chaenomeles japonica
Japanese Quince




Chaenomeles speciosa;Chaenomeles maulei - (T.Moore.) Schneid; Cydonia japonica - (Thunb.)Pers.; Cydonia maulei - T.Moore.; Pyrus japonica - Thunb. non Sims.; Pyrus maulei - (T.Moore.)Mast.

Origin and Habitat

Species Type:


Origins & Spread:

China, East Asia, Japan

Maximum Height:

Extra small - under 10 feet;only 1 - 3 feet tall

Species Growth Rate:

Moderate - 24 inches per year

Longevity :

Average - 50 to 150 years;Moderately Long - 100 to 175 years

Plant Shape:


Habitat pictures:

Foliage Identification of:
Chaenomeles japonica
Japanese Quince

Foliage Duration:


Foliage Period:

All year

Foliage Type:


Foliage Size:

Foliage Shape:

egg shape in outline, with the narrow end attached to the stem.;resembling and egg in outline (see also obovate).;broad and rounded at the base and tapering at the end, like oval.

Foliage Arrangement:

Foliage Color:

Dark Green

Fall Colour:

Dark Green


The leaves are alternate, simple, broad-ovate to obovate, 2 cm. to 5 cm. long, serrate and obtuse to rounded at the apex. At the base of each leaf petiole is a pair of rounded crenate-serrate stipules. Very lustrous foliage.

Foliage Images:

Flower identification details

Flower Color:


Flower Shape:

Flower Showiness:

Flowering Bonsai;Very showy

Flowering Period:


Flower notes:

Five-petaled flowers, can be orange, red, scarlet or blood red, on 1-year-old wood, borne from early spring. They flowers are susceptible to spring frosts. The flowers have both male and female organs (hermaphrodite) and are pollinated by Bees.

Flower Images

Fruit Identification Information

Fruiting Period:

March, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Fruit Size:

Large - 4 cm. to 8 cm.

Fruiting Habit:


Fruit Type:


Fruit Color:


Fruits Ripens:

Fruit notes:

The large hard 4 cm. pome fruits look like a small yellow apples. It has a speckled skin and a pleasant fragrance as they mature in fall. They are not produced on double-flowered cultivars. Fruiting can be quite draining on the plant so wise to pinch them out to limit them to a number you would like to display.

Fruit images:

Stem Identification Information:

Bark Colour:

Red Brown;Grey Brown

Bark Texture:


Bark notes:

Slender spiny stems are reddish brown turning gray-brown and glabrous. The thorns on the stems are 1/4 to 1/2" long and diverge from the stems at 80 to 90 degrees.

Stem Images: