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Schefflera arboricola
Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Hawaiian Schefflera

An evergreen shrub growing between 3 and 4 m tall, with weak trailing stems and palmately compound leaves. It is as popular a house plant as it is a Bonsai. In the UK it is not as common as a Bonsai which is a shame really as it is really quite robust in our indoor living conditions tolerating low light and to some extent even dry draughty conditions.


Cascade, Semi-cascade, Rock-over-root, Clasped-to-rock, Clump, Group planting




Indoor by a bright location just out of direct light for best effects. Schefflera love humidity and warmth and respond almost immediately when it has it. These seem to be able to tolerate very low light levels too - so long darker winter days seem not to worry it to much. Can


While it is fairly drought tolerant it does best when it has copious amounts of water and humidity. It does not however like to sit in water, so a well drained soil is just ideal. Loves a good misting, so mist as often as you can.


Feed regularly, during the growing season. As with all indoor plants use a low potency fertiliser (ideally N:P:K 4:4:4) or a better still feed with an organic fertiliser. In winter months if no growth is happening then hold back on the feeding.

Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Branching is encouraged by constant pinching of tips of growing shoots. Structural pruning is best done in early to mid spring when repotting.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

Repot every 2 years, in spring. Use a well drained soil. Use 1 part Akadama and 1 part Pumice.


Not normally necessary, shaping is done with pruning and pinching. If necessary use raffia to ensure that the bark is not scared by the wire.


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