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Thuja orientalis Aurea Nana
Chinese Arboviate, Thuja Oriental Aurea Nana, Golden Oriental Arborvitae

A slow growing fantastically coloured dwarf evergreen conifer with a dense, conical growth habit. With yellow-green foliage that become intensly vibrant yellow in the summer, before taking on a bronze tinge in the winter.


Formal upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Twin-trunk, Clump




If positioned in full sunlight it will show off its varying bright colours through to the years. During the coldest months it may be necessary to protect the pots from freezing. Store under a bench or in a cool glass house.


Water well during the growing season. Prefers a moist soil but ensure the soil does not get water logged.


Feed all biweekly between Spring and Autumn with a balanced fertiliser. Switch to a low nitrogen movie in autumn.

Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Pinch off growing tip anytime during the growing season. Reduce excessive branchlets to 2 or 3. Remove excessive foliage to ensure that light gets into the deeper parts of the tree otherwise die back of inner branches occurs and is unlikely to grow back again.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

In early spring or late summer early autumn. Use a well drained soil. 1 part Akadama and 1 part Pumice or Fuji Grit.


While shaping is usually carried out with pruning and pinching you can wire at most anytime of the year. Ideally though it is best to do end of summer and early autumn before the winter makes the branches difficult to work with.


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