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1 Laurel fig

Ficus microcarpa

The Ficus Microcarpa has green to dark green leaves which alternate up the stem and which are more oval than the Benjamina and more like the Retusa, but broader. Grey-brown bark which is almost smooth has heavy trunk with terrific aerial roots.

2 Lawson Cypress

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Largely conical in shape the Lawson Cypress lend them self naturally to creating elegant Formal Upright Bonsai. Its deep green leaves and reddish brown bark form a striking contrast adding to its elegance and character.

3 Lian Qiao

Forsythia suspensa

An early flowering shrub, native to China, it is now available most anywhere, its flush of gloden-yellow flowers is an arbinger of spring in many part of the British Isles. Make a colour full small to medium Bonsai.

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