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1 Tag Alder

Alnus incana

Grey Alder is a smaller tree than the Common Alder and will reach heights from 10 - 24 metres, depending on conditions. It has smooth grey shiny bark with very distinct pores. In older trees this may become duller and grow some fissures.

2 Tamarind

Tamarindus indica

Tamarind is a large, beautiful evergreen tropical tree that can grow up to 75' tall. The trunk has cracks, down and across; the bark is brown-gray. It has a dense and spreading crown of bipinnate foliage and numerous yellow, with red and purple filaments, flowers.The brown woody pod contains the seeds; black, shiny squares surrounded by pulp. Tamarind is a slow grower but can live and still remains productive for 150 years or longer.

3 Temple Juniper

Juniperus rigida

This East Asian Juniper has an open habit with graceful drooping branches, is a much cherished tree in Chinese and Japanese Gardens and Temples and also much loved as Bonsai. There are many fine and old examples of Juniperus rigida Bonsai.

4 The Temple Tree

Plumeria obtusa

A small tree can grow up to 6 meters, has thick stocky sausage like and smooth grey green bark on its trunk gnarled looking trunk. While its is a native of Tropical South America from Mexico to as far south as Brazil, is has naturalised in most of the drier parts of tropical Asia. It is commonly associated with mythology and folklore in Hindu and Buddhism and Samoan cultures. It flowers are used in Indian incense and to make the garlands in Hawaii. In India it has a special place amongst temples and historical building. As Bonsai it is only just picking up popularity, and is gaining popularity as a conservatory plant in temperate regions.

5 Thuja Oriental Aurea Nana

Thuja orientalis Aurea Nana

A slow growing fantastically coloured dwarf evergreen conifer with a dense, conical growth habit. With yellow-green foliage that become intensly vibrant yellow in the summer, before taking on a bronze tinge in the winter.

6 Thuja Rheingold

Thuja occidentalis Rheingold

A fantastically coloured slow growing dwarf evergreen conifer with a dense, conical to round growth habit. With sprays of yellow-green foliage become an intense shade of vibrant yellow in the summer, before taking on a bronze tinge in the winter. It has been loved by gardeners for over a hundred years.

7 Tree of a Thousand Stars

Serissa foetida

Serissa, is by far one of the most popular Bonsai trees sold in Europe and America. It makes a beautiful bonsai; has very small dark green leaves, a beautifully textured bark, trunk even on young trees, and when in boom does justice to its names of Tree of Thousand Stars and Snow Carpet.

8 Tree Privet

Ligustrum japonicum

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to between 2 and 5 meters tall, with smooth, pale grey-brown bark. Often grown as small city trees or above hedges. Makes delightful bonsai of all sizes, especially attractive when in full bloom.

9 Trident Maple

Acer buergerianum

A medium sized hardy deciduous tree for smaller gardens and a long loved choice of Bonsai artists. Their vibrant spring and autumn colours, their trident shaped leafs, striking stem and bark colours and shallow fibrous root systems make this species especially attractive bonsai.

10 Tundra Rose

Potentilla fruticosa

Potentilla fruticosa is a popular ornamental plant and found in most of the Temperate Northern Hemisphere from Europe to China. It comes in a variety of colours and grows as shrub to about 1 meter tall.It fine branch structure and masses of flowers, scraggly bark make it an ideal bonsai species with interesting year around enjoyment.

11 Twisted Willow

Salix matsudana Tortuosa

Native to China the Twisted Willow is a tall spreading graceful tree with contorted weeping branches which generally grows to about 30 meters tall. The willow leaves are lanceolate-acuminate and between 5 and 10 cm long and about 1 cm. wide. It is a close relative of the synonym of Salix babylonica, the Peking Willow.

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