The Bonsai Tree Type Species Guide

The Bonsai Tree Species Guide or Bonsai Types as it is often called presents a Species of Plants that are suitable as Bonsai. The Bonsai tree type list is continualy growing and currently there are over a 100 species listed here.

The Bonsai Species Guide has been arranged in a number of ways to assist you with locating the species that you are need:

My experience of growing Bonsai has lead me believe that to be able to grow a species to its highest potential, a rounded and holistic understanding of the species is required. In that respect myBonsaiGuide goes beyond conventional Bonsai Species guides and includes a detailed Sections on Taxonomy, Propagation and Cultivation for each species, along with the Bonsai Care Section.

For the beginner, my suggestion is to, start at the Bonsai Care Section, it presents guidelines to Caring for your Bonsai. Thereafter you can migrate to the other sections, as you develop your understanding and confidence in looking after you trees.

This Bonsai Guide has been written and researched primarily from the perspective, of the UK and mainly for Zones 8 and 9 in the UK. You may need to make adjustment for your local climates and situations.